torstai 5. tammikuuta 2012

New year

Happy new year everybody! My year has started pretty well. I've seen a lot of friends, tried new things, being shopping and made changes in my life. The one thing that is partly bad, is that I broke up with Arttu. We were too different and being in a relationship isn't the right thing for me now. I also have to try to improve myself and my friend relationships. So far it has seemed to be the right choice.

My new years eve I spent with Minka and her friends. First we went to Sami and made tortillas. The sealing in their stairway is so cool. Its like a heaven with butterflies!

Later in the evening we went out watching fireworks.

Sometimes at one a.m. we went to Landbo to Minkas friend called Emma! We spent all night chatting about everything and I slept only few hours in the morning.
The next day (2th January) I already had to go to school so I was pretty tired... =D

My makeup

My new year outfit.
The pictures are taken next morning. I had slept in the clothes and the makeup had been on my face for 24 hours X(

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