perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

Short hair for me? =)

I've been thinking... I dislike my hair right now. A LOT! It's so boring and.. dull.
I'd love to get some change in my life. AND my hair =D

I've been wondering if short hair would be okay...

Does it work at all? =D

In this picture I have a ponytail, so in real it would of course look better. 
But I've been thinking getting haircut like this =) 

Does it look hideous on me and should my hair be longer? Or does short hair suit me?

What about medium?

Or long? 
My own hair is NEVER going to grow this long tough.. =(
And extensions are so damn expensive .. 

7 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Medium and long looks so good on you, but also short ^_^ So hard to choose, maybe medium now and shorter on summer when it's hot outside? All styles look good, you have beautiful face!

Emmis kirjoitti...

I'm going to cut my hair on 10th of January. My friend is going to take a part in some contest and she asked me to be her hair model! I'll put pictures then.. But the hair will be short in the back and long in the front.

Yeah, I was thinking that I would do the short style for summer, but my hair grows so freaking slow so I have to wait my hair to grow for super long time(if I get tired with the short style..).

Thank you very much! =)

chaya bunny kirjoitti...

At first I thought you already cut it! xD Personally, I think you have a great face for short hair, but I think medium would look good if it were styled. (Weird personal opinion. O_o)

I know what you mean about extensions though. I have only gotten them once because they're so effin' pricey.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Mä rakastuin tohon ensimmäiseen kuvaan susta! Toi lyhyt tukka olis vaan niin siisti, ainakin mun mielestä ♥ Mutta tosissaan, sinun hiukset, sinun päätös. Toki pitkät, kiharatkin on kauniit, mutta musta noi lyhyet olis ihanan persoonalliset. *--*

Emmis kirjoitti...

Chaya bunny: Yeah, I'm thinking that maybe medium would be the best choice because then I could still wear the clip extensions I have. But the short could be so COOL and different =)

Anonyymi: Noi lyhyet olis toosi kiva kokeilu, mut mua vaan huolestuttaa se et ku sit mun hiukset kasvais ees sillee puolpitkiks ihan törkeen hitaasti. Ku en oo ihan varma et onks noi hiukset ihan MUA, vaikka saattais sopiikki hyvin. =) Ku puolpikil on se plussa et sillo voi pitää pidennyksii ja saada silti pitkät hiukset. Lyhyil se ei onnistu =(

Mut onhan täs viel aikaa miettii =D

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I'd say a short "bob" haircut would be perfect for you!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Yeah, I think I might do the bob haircut. I've been thinking for it a long time and I'm sure it would look good on me but I'm scared it will be a bit boring.

Anything is better than the hair I have right now though..

But well see.. =)