keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2011


We had potluck party at school and Meiju had made this awesome cake! It was so good and I'm sad I couldn't eat more of it!


We didn't get white Christmas but two days before Christmas Eve we had some snow!

Valdis had fun with my Ultra Shimmery makeup palette from Costal Scents! =DD

Building our Christmas tree

My mom always watches when me and Valdis decorate the tree

My Christmas Eve makeup

Here's the Christmas dress I made =)

We have the tradition to put on our finest clothes when we eat the Christmas meal at six o'clock.

Our appetizer

Mmmmmmm, smoked lamb, peas, red beet and potatoes.

We never open all the gifts we get on the same day. We like to open just one or two every morning and evening until there are no presents to open.
 Valdis started this tradition when she was little and we still like to have it that way.

But here's what i got!

These are from my mom, dad and relatives from Iceland.

From my mom

From my godmother and Valdis

From me (the zebra duver cover and the lingerie), my godmother and Valdis.

From dad and my granny 

From Valdis and my mom.

Yesterday me and Valdis went to Helsinki to shop in the sales.

I bought this shirt for 15 e from H&M, and the black fabric for trousers and the white for a jacket.

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Vero kirjoitti...

Beautiful pictures, the presents are super, and the sushi looks really yummi! ;)

Emmis kirjoitti...

Haha thanks Veronica =)