perjantai 15. heinäkuuta 2011

Outfits and shopping.

Last week I was alone at home with Valdís. One day we went to the library and I found this book. I love their TV-show and this book is amazing too! It's meant for women over 30 years, who have babies and women who are in menopause and so on but there are many useful things. After all, I wanna be a stylist and I need to know how to dress people that haven't got 17 year old girls body anymore =D

There were for example what shoes you should wear if you have thin or thick ankle...

What kind of colors are good..

How hair can make a big differense..

And lot more thigs!

On Friday evening we had the "sweets day". We bought a lot of fruits and made chocolate fondue! <3

Then on Saturday my mom came home. Se brought us some souvenirs, these amazing jumpsuits/"alibaba"trousers

Then on Sunday Arttus sister had confirmation party. I sat half of the time with the cat sleeping on my lap.

Here's my some outfits of the week.

I fitted these trousers in H&M. They look great in the picture but somehow I looked so BIG in them irl. Pity, they were in sale!

Yesterday I was in Sello with Inka.

I bought this bracelet

and this amazing maxi dress! It has a hood and the fabric is so soft. 
I LOVE it! =D

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