sunnuntai 31. heinäkuuta 2011

Tampere and the sales


On Monday I went to Tapere with Ussa and Valdis to see Valdis new apartment. She's going to start a new school and she's gonna be gardener.

On the way there we went to mall Ideapark. I bought a maxi dress.

We spent two nights and three days in Tapere and at Valdis apartment. 

I forgot to take my camera when we went to Särkänniemi watching dolphins and walking around Tampere city..

We went to Ikea and bought some furniture to the apartment.

Valdis and Ussa have been modifying our living rooms table.

We are going to paint it white.

Today we went repairing Valdis and Ussas tattoos

I asked my godmother to take my old Singer sewing machine to our summer cottage because I didn't have space for it but I didn't wanna throw It away because It's so pretty.

Today I also went to Kamppi doing some shopping.

I saw these shoes at Sello for 17 e (70% discount) but they didn't have my size. In Kamppi they did!

I found this evening bag at Vero moda. It was 20 e and I got a necklace free.

Then I also bought these trainers last week.

Yesterday I bought these Jeans from H&M, jumper and necklace from Kappahl. 

This top is from Kappahl also. 

On our trip to Ideapark I found this amazing fabric which I'm going to make a maxi dress of.

And here's some outfits.

But now I'll go to the gym, bye!

6 kommenttia:

CILLA B kirjoitti...

Great blog dear. lovin it

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thanks Cilla B!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I like your styleee!!! I`m following you since a half year agoo and I can`t wait to read another entry of you everyday!! go ahead and don´t give up NEVER EVER!!! ^^

xoxo from Spain!!!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thanks MYA88!

Monica Tang kirjoitti...

omg... love the fabric, i totally didnt know u coul sew! looking forward to see the dress.

sorry for commenting on old entries, i try to catch up with my bloglovin!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Monica: I'v sewed for about 5 years, and I sewed all my lolita clothes when I was a lolita. =))

I think the fabric is amazing too! Can't wait to get start with the dress..