tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

Style Update


I hate when my style is changing all the time... It makes it so hard to get the clothes I want and dress like I want.. I know I have been crying about this here before, but it just makes me go crazy! Of course it makes as its hard to try to look like I want to look like when I never have clothes I like.. And I dont have money to buy all the time new clothes and stuff...

   A year ago I LOVED gyaru fashion but now I just can't think myself as a gyaru.. I still love the style but it's not for me.. Half year ago I loved black, studs, sculls etc. (not in gothic or emo way. I mean in fashionable/trendy way.. ;D). I've dressed mostly in black for 5 years (besides the cocolulu-gal and sweet-lolita looks). Of course I still use a lot of black. It's so easy and safe color and suits me well. But I want more color and less black!

 I collected some pictures of the thinks I liked a while ago and thinks like now. These were just the first pictures I found so they're not that good..

Things I liked a while ago

Thinks I like now

I still do like things in the upper pictures too but before I couldn't have imagined that I'd like the things that are in the lower pictures.

Well, I'm just waiting for my style to settle down so I can start to improve it and that the clothes I have in my closet could suite together.. I just have too much everything going on in there!

Heres some inspiration pictures for school. We are making blouses and bags.. =)

I'm going to do some clutch bag. Something like these. =)

6 kommenttia:

Krista kirjoitti...

Toi sun "ongelma", että tyyli muuttuu koko ajan, kuulostaa vähän liian tutulta mullekin. Ihanaa, että en oo yksin. :D

Emmie kirjoitti...

I'm having the same problem as you are at the moment.
The sad thing is that most of us will never 100% know what kind of clothes we want to wear haha.

If only money grew on trees.

Leah kirjoitti...

I totally know how you mean! I used to like very BRIGHT BRIGHT colors and punk accents. Now I'm way more into softer shades, softer fabrics etc.

So funny how much our tastes can change ( :

Emmis kirjoitti...

Yes, I wish money grew in trees.. In that case I'd have a BIG garden.. ='D

But yeah I know this isn't a unusual problem but I hate it when I cant look like I wanna look. And fashion is so important to me; I wanna be a stylist and fashion designer some day. Maybe then I'll have enough money to get the clothes I want..

And I cant even do the clothes I want by myself because you cant find any nice fabrics here! ARGH!

MiraSundari kirjoitti...

Girlie, you look fabulous in anything you wear!

I absolutely know what you mean :D
Although I have reverted to the black rocker style again :/

Love your blog btw :)

mira x

Emmis kirjoitti...

Haha thanks Mira! But the thing is I maybe look good in anything but I don't FEEL good in anything..