keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2011

Iceland part 3 20.-25.4.2011

On Wednesday we went to our relative Tóta.

There we got "hángikjöt", smoked lamb.  

We love it! We usually eat it only on Christmas.

Tóta has got sheeps.

Ússa in her natural environment.

Then we visited a museum 

These are Ittas cats. Don't remember her name..

This is Randalina

Arttu hates fish but he said he almost liked these fishballs.

That's my granny Inga.

On Thursday we went walking to my cousins Haldórs place.

Me and Ússa went seeing horses but Arttu stayed at my cousins sofa.

I was pretty sad that I didn't go horse riding.. I love horses. If I didn't study clothing/fashion I would be a farmer who has lots of horses.. =D

After stroking the horses we went to Fáskrúðsfjörður 

Árni is working on a boat and he showed us the boat hes working on

This is my favorite picture that I've taken of Arttu =)

Then comes the last day in Egilsstaðir, Friday. We decided to drive to Reykjavik. The southern way is so beautiful. It was a pity that the weather wasn't that good so once again I didn't see the mountains properly.. -_-

The trip took us 11 hours. I was so stupid that I forgot to reload my camera so I couldn't get almost any pictures. I'm so sad because the pictures would have been prettier than any of my pictures before...

Some pictures are taken by my cell so thats why they aren't very clear.

The weather was fabulous in Egilsstaðir. It started to rain when we got up to the mountains and it rained almost the whole way to Reykjavik..

Dried fish

This place was unbelievable! I couldn't capture the gorgeousness of this place! That big stone on the beach was like 3-4 meters high!

Cellphone pics

On Saturday we went to Reykjavik and we met some Ússas friends and Arttu got a piercing on his eyebrow.  

In the evening we got Icelandic easter chocolate eggs. =)

On Sunday we didn't do much. In the morning we went to some more relatives and friends and then we just rested at home.

On Monday morning there were snow on the ground!!!! Thank god we were leaving the country.. Though I really didn't want to..

And now we are here in Finland waiting for the summer and next vacations..

At least I got my River Island stuff yesterday! <3

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