maanantai 9. toukokuuta 2011

Mothers Day


As I told you earlier, I finally got my River Island order. I really love everything I got and I cant wait for the summer to arrive so I can show off on the beach with my beautiful new sandals and bikinis.

Yesterday it was Mothers Day. We went to a very beautiful park called Aurooran puisto or Träskändan puisto (puisto=park).
It's the prettiest park I've seen in Finland though it isn't special compared with for example Hyde park (or the parks in Japan <3_<3)

We took some blankets and board games with us.

We played this game where you had to draw and the others had to guess what you were drawing. 

It was the first time this year I was sunbathing.

In the evening I decided that I wanted to wear my blazer on Monday. I had used it only one time before..

Its still too cold so I didn't wear my River Island sandals =(

So today I looked like this!

Thanks for Anniliina for the pictures

Hmm I can't stand why the pics are so blurry..

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