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Iceland part 2 17.-19.4.2011


I realized I forgot some pics from yesterdays post. On the way to Geysirs and Gullfoss we went to a town my mon used to study in.

The third day we finally flew to Egilsstaðir. My cousin live near the airport so me and my mom visited his family befoure we left Reykjavik.

My cousin Villi and his wife

Then we flew!

That mountain in the middle is the queen of the mountains, Herðubreið.

When we got to my moms sisters place she made us some waffles. Her name is Itta and her husband is Árni.

Then We went outside walking with Arttu. I wanted to show him the river nearby.

People used to jump of this bridge to show how brave they were. The fall down is not that long but the whater is ice cold because the water runs from mountains under glaciers.

Arttu really wanted to jump but it was pretty cold. He want to go back in summertime and jump then! =D

I remember when I sat with Valdis here and drew things with this paint we made by rubbing wet stones together

I love the mountains. Its the thing I always miss when I'm in Finland.

The next day we went to my uncles, Pellis cottage he has built himself. On the way we stopped by my grandfathers memorial stone. I've never seen him because he died at this place  when my mom was at my age... It makes me sad often. I really would have loved to meet him....

I was going to visit my grandmothers grave but I couldn't do it. Somehow it would have hurted too much.. I miss her!

We climbed on this mountain to see a cave where there used to be stones people used in telescopes and stuff.

I just had seen the movie Sanctum so I was a bit scared to go into the cave..

Its so amazing how you can use STONES as the lens in telescopes and microscopes. Some of the stones that were left were just like glass! The biggest stone of the cave is somewhere in London (?) in some museum.

This is Pellis wife, Sigga.

Like yeah, I just had colored my hair DARK BROWN for a week ago and now its light again.

On the way back to the cottage we went to the beach looking for stones. You can find so beautiful stones in Iceland! We always have like almost one kg of stones with us when we go home.. ='D

Me washing the stones we found.

My cousins (Villis) son.

Icelandic hot dogs are the best! The sausage is made of lamb.

Back home at moms sisters place. There were cats on the garden all the time.

This one looks like a wolf! It was thrown out of his home and now it's a wildcat!

We went to the market and bought some food. ME and Valdis love these baked rolls. They're called snuður.

Always when I go to Iceland I have to get Icelandic fish! It's so much better than the fish you get here! Especially the fist Árni makes. I love it! 

I found this stone at the rifer I took Arttu to on the first day here. It's so round! It has rolled down the river from the mountains and it has gotten so round! And it hasn't been polished by a human.

This was all from today! n_n

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