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Iceland 15.-16.4.2011


Now I'm back from Iceland! Or I have been back all this week...

The flight went on Friday 16.00 and we were in Iceland 3 hours later.

Arriving to Keflavik

It's so weird that I always cry when I get to Iceland. I feel so free and so happy. Theres no trees blocking your sight.. And every time I have to return back to Finland I get so damn depressed...

We took a bus from Keflavik Airport to Blue lagoon. 
It was the first time I was there. It was so wonderful! So relaxing <3

I love the contrast between the light blue soft looking water and the black hardcore lava stones.

Then we met our friend who has also lived in Finland and we got some Icelandic fish. Namm <3

We were so tired when we got to my cousins apartment where we stayed and we went straight to bed.
The lights of Reykjavik <3The sight from our bedroom.

The meaning was that we would flew to Egilsstaðir on the first morning in Iceland but we missed the flight. We thought the flight went at 10 a.m but it went 9 a.m. I was so pissed off.. But in the end it was better this way!

We rented a car and drove the "Golden Circle" including Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir.
We drove this route thats in the pic but without that way up to the glacier..

We got some food. Icelandic chocolate and dried fish <33

There's some hot springs

On the way to the geysirs we stopped by this old crater.

The lava stones can be black or red.

Then we arrived to the boiling hot geysirs

There were hot water wells that made warm rills.

Then we moved on to the Gullfoss

It was very cold and it rained.

Small woman and a big car

After that we drove to Þingvellir

It's cool how the lava has freezed like this! 8D

Arttu loved to climb on the rocks.

All those light dots on the bottom of this river are coins. 
When you throw a coin you can wish something.

We saw this mink =).

On the way home we stopped at KFC and took some food home.


Just joking! This was only the two first days and end for this post! ='D More later!

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