sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Márus Mikaels christening


Today me and my mom went to my cousins sons christening. His name is Márus Mikael Vilmarsson.
My outfit

The day was awesome! It was so warm though the wind was cold. We drove two hours from Espoo to Kimito/Kemiö.

There was floods on the way. The water came on the roads and even to the houses. The fields were covered with water, snow and ice.

Finally we were at the church. It was a smaller town with fields and tractors.

My aunt Valla played guitar and sang with Hrön.

My uncle Kalli with his girlfriends daughter(?)

Happy mom (Emma) and dad (my cousin Vilmar). And of course Márus.

My mom and Márus.

Valla and Hrön singing again.

After the party we went home. I slept all the way back to Espoo. I was a bit tired because I woke up at 7 a.m...

Then some extra stuff.

Last Tuesday I went to the movies with my mom.
We watched Sanctum and I didn't like it... There was too much death... And it was distracting and not adventurous like we wished for. I felt bad the evening and the next day! I don't like watching people die! Isn't there enough death already in this world... Why in movies too!?

But anyways.. I got a packet from Valdis and I got this River Island bag, earrings and one penny. =DD

Thanks Valdis <3

I made this Legolas hairdo to Arttu and I wanted to try different kind of braids.

And I wondered again if middle parting suited me.
Maybe if I colored my hair first and straightened it.... Now It doesn't look that good....

But now I'll go to sleep.. BYE!

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Valdís kirjoitti...

ei vitsi olitte molemmat ihanan näkösiä!! :) ja toi riverin kassi on pohjois-irlannista, kui cool?!?

Meri and Anni kirjoitti...

Kivoja kuvia~ Tykkään tälläsistä kuvapainotteisista postauksista! :)
Ja pakko sanoo et tuo sun mekko on aivan upea! ;w;

Emmis kirjoitti...

Vöpä: Kiitti =) on coolia =)

Anni: Joo no tää mun blogi on aika kuvapainotteinen ku en ikin jaksa kirjottaa kaikkeee.... =)

Kiitti =) ostin sen tyylii 4 eurol kirpparilt.

MOCOKO kirjoitti...

aww, it's so cute how your boyfriend lets you braid his hair. :D