perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2011

From school to a new livingroom


Today I have three things to tell.

First: I'm so exited about getting started with the vocational subjects again! We have a blouse/shirt period now. This week we started to style pattern on mannequins and drawing the patterns in small and real size.

Teachers pattern

Mine pattern on the mannequin

The pattern taken of the mannequin

The pattern opened

Anni-liina, Vilma and Anni

We always draw the patterns at first in 1/4 size.

I have already drawn the pattern (without sleeves) in my size and I've made the proto version of it =) 

Then I have to figure out what kind of blouse I'm gonna sew as the actual skills demonstration work.

The second thing to tell: my mom had B-day and we went bowling with my godmother Raija and my cousin Otso =)
It was so freaky that I won the first round! O_O Usually I lose but now I was the best!

The second round didn't go that well for me...

After bowling we went to a Malesian restaurant and Matti (my dads brother) joined us.
The food was delicious. I had some chicken red curry cocos-milk dish.

Then I bought some makeup and went to Arttus place.

The third thing to tell: Our living room looks wonderful!

Today I came home early because I didn't have school. I started to tidy up our apartment so my mom could come to a beautiful home after work. We put on wall paper few days ago and now our living room looks like this

The wall used to be brown
Now when it's white the room looks a lot bigger.

It's so different now. So fresh! 
We still have to paint the table white and get some turquoise and purple pillows and other details.

Then it's time for outfits

Jeans by me!

Valdis sent me bras that promised to make your boobs tho sizes bigger. I thought YAY finally I'll get boobs but now I have too BIG boobs ='''''''''''DDDDD
Or then I'm just not used to have ones..

(see the difference in the boob sizes between the two first outfits and the last one.)

I got these and regular black bras.

I have been arguing with Pin about that I say that I would look slimmer with bigger boobs and pin says I would look fatter. I was fight! My stomach looks so much flatter with these bras! =)))))

And last but not least. There's sale at H&M so I bought these from there

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Valdís kirjoitti...

jee ihana olkkari mut se todellaki tarvii jotain väriä!!

Roosa kirjoitti...

Ei vitsi oot nätti!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Roosa: Kiitos! n_n