torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011

Thai souveniers


Yesterday Arttus parents came from their two weeks trip in Thailand. When Kati (Arttus mom) asked me what I wanted from there I asked her to bring me tee or some food. I'm happy about the stuff I got.
Even Kati don't know what those things are on the left. The red ones are some kind of dried berries and the green ones taste like chips. In the middle is rose incenses and on the right seaweed spiced with garlic. I think we need to do some sushi and try it!

Last two days has been so warm. Our thermometer says that the warmest it has been is:


Now it's about 0 celsius degrees outside. It's pretty cool because it's snowing but the sky is blue! O_O

But the sun is nice! 

It's so wonderful because I get so depressed when I can't see the sun at all for few months in the winter. Now it's coming back and that means summer is near!

Kinuski and Kaisa love the sun too! They go to the balcony to feel the warm sun on their cute little noses. <3

I'm so exited because this is the last week we have "ordinary" subjects like math and physics at school. On the next week we start with the vocational subjects again. I'm so glad I get to sew again <3 YAY! 

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