tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Inspiration and sunny days!


One day I was reading Elle magazine and Sex and the City book. I started to took pictures of things that inspire me and I thought I could share them with you!

This is one of my favourite scenes in the first movie.
Its raining and Carrie's coming home from her Mexico trip with the girls and nobody's there. 
And I love the outfit

I just LOVE the way Carrie is dressed in the both movies. An even in the series. Se even makes really ugly clothes look fabulous!
And I admire Patrichia Field for her amazing job as the stylist!

The clothes in the movies (especially in the second one) have inspired me in many ways. The clothes are amazing, I get ideas for my own clothing, I somehow learn how to look lifes good sides and everytime I watch the movies I just feel so good! I get the feeling that everythings possible and life perfect and I'm soo pretty and you're so pretty and lalalalala!

Yesterday I was watching the movie number 2 with Arttu.
Its so crazy how muscular Carrie/SJP really is! I mean look at those arms.
Hehe she could be a guy. =D But she'd be a veeery beautiful one....

I'm sooooo Happy because the weather is getting better. Its raining right now but its +7 degrees outside and the last few days have been sunny!

 SUN shines on Kaisas fur<3

Todays outfit

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