tiistai 16. marraskuuta 2010

Tsukicon 2010

Now it's time for Tsukicon post!

I'm looking for pictures other people have taken because I have so few.. But I cant find any -__-

But yeah, on friday I went to Kamppi for the last time trainig for the Para show!

Then I met Sini and we went home and started to prepare us to Tsukicon!

Its 8.00 a.m and we're sitting in the bus 

We had to be in Gloria at 9 to practice for the fashion show.

There were some Japanese TV show interviewing gals. They followed us the whole evening and the next morning!

Later we went looking at Ainas and Yumachis Q&A.

I met few gals from Sweden, Norway and England. I'm glad that I had an opportunity to meet them! n_n

Then at 16 p.m was the fashion show. I dont have any pictires from there but my friend promised to send some to me =)

In the changing rooms was a big mess when 15 girls run around teasing and curling their hair and changing their  clothes. I was so nervous that my feet kept shaking when I was on the catwalk. Going down the stairs was terrible in the high heels.... I tried to smile but my mouth kept shaking so I couldn't ='''''D

But the whole show went well and we all were gorgeous. Thanks!!!

In the evening we went eating with the foreigners and the TV show dudes followed us all the way untol we went home =DD

When I got home I was si tired and I had to go to sleep straightaway. 

Heres my outfit for the day!

The next day we met the TV crew at Kamppi and we tried to show them hows out meetings like. Unfortunately everything was closed because of the fathers day. We showed them the purikura place and then went to Tuomiokirkko taking pictures. It was so hard to walk in high heels with all the stuff at the stupid cobblestone streets. And I was so freezing and tired and the TV dudes kept filming when we were walking around -_-,,

Well when we got to Gloria me and Pin had to go to a panel discussion. I´m still afraid that I said something stupid but I hope no one noticed anything.... :s

Later we had the Para show!!

After it people asked the two para groups to go on the stage so they can take pictures .

Then other gals joined us

Then we wen to Ainas nd Yumachis concert and after that we went taking pictures with them <3___<3 And I got a hug from them <33 aw they're so cute <3 and SKINNY <333 and pretty and perfect! And i was so wow abut that they do their own hair and makeup in the magazines! I thought they had some gyaru makeup artists and so on!

In the evening I didn't want to go home so I went with Ingvild, Monica, Keikk, Katrin, Beda, Sara and tho whose names I don't remember to McDonalds.

Then I got home and went to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!
Artyyyyy!  And a very dirty mirror.

On monday I went to meet Viivi, Monica and Ingvild after school and went to purikura place with them. Then we went to Sushi place and then I had to go to Arttus place. 

 The hair in the morning... =D And none eyemakeup!

All together I had an AMAZING weekend! Thank you all who were with me and I'm so glad I got new friends! THANK YOU!
But I'm gonna go now.. BYE!!

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Dolly kirjoitti...

Been waiting to see some Tsukicon posts! Seems like you girls had an AWESOME time!! I wish I could've seen the fashion show, so many girls!! Also, everyone looked so BEAUTIFUL!!

So jealous you got to me Yuma & Aina *_*

Vee kirjoitti...

Oh you all look so beautiful, i've been waiting to see some posts from Tsukicon. I still can't get over how pretty everyone is *-* :)

dokiri kirjoitti...

hehe it's actually Ingvild:P

Man I'm glad someone FINALLY posted some pics of tsukicon! I wish a was there, I swear if I only had money I would've gone. I wanna meet fellow nordic gals^^

Kyarameru kirjoitti...

ihanaa strip tease kuva ja sannin sukat..XDDD taidan pöllästä tuon kuvan tuosta..^3^

michi-picream kirjoitti...

soooooooooo lucky!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i was there with u guys!!!!! hope soon!!!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You look so CUTE, and you took lots of fabulous pix!
I'm so happy you got to hug Yumachi and Aina!!!
I'm so jealous lol!