tiistai 16. marraskuuta 2010

Cats, Halloween outfit, photographing, feeding animals at the cemetery and the best picture ever!

Finally, the last Haloween Meetings outfit!!


The hair from the back


The best picture EVERRRRRR! <33

A new deco for my phone. Sorry for the bad pictures.......

I tried some hair before Tsukicon.
The mohawk  looked terrible.......... -____-

And my new nails EVA made me <3

I'm going to try to do an inspiration post sometime.. Hopefully soon!

5 kommenttia:

☆shawna☆ kirjoitti...

Love the photos!
The witch photos were almost like
you would come out of the computer screen haha~

And the kitty photos makes me miss my kitty T_T

Living-life kirjoitti...

Haha, that green sign is in danish, so funny <3

I reaaally like your last hair do! Sooo puffy :D

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You look so beautiful!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

näytät siltä kuin olisit raskaana.... fataaasssss

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thanks evarybody!

Anonyymi: No johan nyt on! XD Mist vetoo mul on pienempi peppu ku sulla ;D kateellisia sitä vaan ollaan!