perjantai 15. lokakuuta 2010

Inspiration for my room


Sorry for not beingposting fot a while. I have so much to do at home. Few days ago me and my mom pained moms room and etc. I redeveloper my rooms order(?) and now I dont like mu toom anymore! I've been srtugling to get my room to that point that I love it and i managed to do it some time ago. But now its ruined.. I Dont know what to do. Maybe some new curtains etc would help. I looked for some inspiration  from H&M home website. Maybe I'm gonna buy some of these =)

We are going to Dublin next wednesday and we arte going to meet my sis Valdis there. I'm sooo exited! Se gave me a gift card to Next as a B-day present. I went to their website and there i got more inspiration!

Shit, I cant copy the images so I'll put links here!

But now I need to go. Bye bye!! 

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