maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010

Hi! I've been very busy lately and I havent been in the mood for posting.. So again I have a lot of telling you. =)

 I've got a new closet from Ikea.
I like it. Actually the closet that was there before wasn't my closet. In the closer in the picture was a lot of my parents random stuff.. I had much smaller one, like super small closet. So I'm happy to get a big one! 8))

We also painted moms room and she got super pretty wallpaper. Her room looks soo good!!

I'm sad I didn't take picture of my room before. But I already posted a video of it some time ago so maybe you remember how it looked like..? =D
Anyways. This is how It looked during the renovation
Super messy and it looked like a dump.
Now, when its still not ready it looks like this
I should tidy it up.. -_-

I've always wanted a plant to my room and I got one for B-day present from Arttus mom. 
Its pretty but I don't have any proper place to it.. But at least its not dead yet!! =D
So yeah, I had B-day in the beginning of the month. I was too busy to write about my party and I wont do it now because I have too many other things to post about. Besides the plant I, got a drawing book, two DVDs, Led Zeppelin t-shirt, gift cards and I'm getting a new camera. Yay <3

I also finally bought me a new proper hair curler. I bought it on Hullut Päivät in Stockman only for 20 euros!

Oh shit I need to be going soon..... But but...

Last friday we went to fashion exhibition with out class.
My outfit:

I wore the tunic I made at school.

It turned out well tough there were many troubles when i was doing it. 

There were a fashion show and I managed to take few pictures tough the light was bad


I saw a super cool bag and I wanted it so badly but I hadn't enough money for it. And it was brown! Like I haven't got a brown bag! Maybe I'll find something nice in Dublin.. =)

Yesterday Me and mom went riding with icelandic horses.
My moms horses name was Ófegur (if I remember right) and mine was Tvistur.
 One of my dreams came true. I've wanted to gallop with a horse from I was a little kid and now I have done it. It was so amazing!
This is Tvistur

Tvistur it in the middle.

But I have to go now. I need to go packing for Dublin and go to Arttus place. But first a picture of my sisters dress I made. I think i haven't showed it to you yet.

Too big doll for the dress..

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