tiistai 19. lokakuuta 2010

Gyaru makeup

Tsukicon is coming and I start to panic because of THIS. Because Aina and Yumachi are coming I need to look better than I could ever do. Pressures, pressures! But I just pray that I wont have bad hair or make day!
 I realized that I havent done proper Gal makeup for a long time with all the lower lashes etc. so decoded to try to do some makeup. 

Heres my right eye without any makeup:
And the left:

Firts I tried my lid glue and tape. My right eye with gue:
Left eye with tape:
I really need to work on the glue. Its harder than you could think... at least for me.-_-''
Then I thought I'd try to do similar make to some model did in her blog.
I didn't like this look. Somehow I look very easily so sad when I do gal make. Its the panda effect and thats why I seldom use lower eyelashes.
Then I started to put on more makeup. More eyeshadow, foundation, brows, blush etc.

 And then I put more dark eyeshadow:
Still theres something that doesn't look good for my taste...  I just need to find the perfect eye makeup for me and try different things and styles.

Today I got my order from Dermosil. My mom gave me a "giftcard" worth 30e for b-day present.
Heres what I got:
My hair is in so bad shape so it needs to me moisturized =)

Leave in conditioners are always good to have!

All day walking (ih heels especially) makes your feets tired so I tougth refreshing foot cream would be nice!

I love this powder. I bought it once earlier and I had to buy it again. It makes my skin very dazzling.

My sister bought some of Dermos lip glosses and she said they were good.
 I like the color very much but the smell is terrible! Its so sad because I would like to use it. But the smell.. =(((
Without any makeup

 With the gloss

With nude lipstick and gloss

For final lightening:

Now I'll go cleaning my room before I fly tomorrow to DUBLIN!!! 8)

6 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

:D Aww oot niin söpö<3 turhaa otat paineita

Emmis kirjoitti...

Aw kiitos! <3 Mä otan kaikesta aina paineita ja silleen luon vaan ittelleni stressii ja sit varsinki kaikki menee pieleen ja tulee lisää paineita. Ikuinen kierre -_-''

Dolly kirjoitti...

I don't think you need to worry, I bet you'll look gorgeous when you see Yuma&Aina!! As usual :D

I think I know what you mean with bottom lashes! It could look really weird sometimes or really great. I get scared of the panda eyes too. T_T I think it looks really nice on you though!

Monica Tang kirjoitti...

GIRL I think you look FABULOUS!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

ihan liikaa kiiltoa! et näytä gyarulta...enemmän vaan joku teinibilettäjä, eikä mitenkään erikoinen meikki :/

Emmis kirjoitti...

Anonyymi: En kyllä nää nois kuvissa pahemmin mitään kiiltoa =s mut musta olis kiva tietää että mitä mun pitäis tehä toisin että näyttäisin gyarulta ja et se meikki olis "erikoinen". Tommoset kommentit on aika turhia (ja vielä anonyymeiltä) eikä ne auta mua mitenkää.
Ja kuitenki muut on kehunu, joten voisin vaikka jättää sun kommentin täysin huomiotta! ;)

Dolly and Monica: Thank you so much! Its nice to hear that i'm not doing everything wrong ='D <3