maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Ireland post

Yesterday I got home from the wondreland Ireland! I spent 4 great days  with my mom in Dublin! It was so relaxing to get out from all the bad feelings at home and not have to remember that I'm alone with my mom now at home.

Anyways, We didn't do that much. But it was enough to make me love the country. The second day we went to a smaller town Killkenny. We traveled 1,5 hour by train south and spent few hours walking around the town watching old churches and parks.

When we got to Dublin again we went shopping.

 And we kept on shopping the third day, and the forth. We planned to go to the Wax museum but we never got there. We walked around Dublin and got lost but found our way home, thank god!! =D

I really loved the colorfull buildings! I get bored with the gray ones here in Finland =(

Halloweens coming so there were Halloween stuff everywhere!

The last day we went to a chocolate cafe, bought some hot chocolate, sandwiches and went to the park

When we were walking home we saw an ad where you got hair coloring very cheap. We went in and the place was full of chinese people.

 My mom dyed her hair. 

She wanted the color to be naturally red, like this:

But she got this:

 When we got home we went the same day and got her a brown haircolor. Shes still redhead but we hope it will be not that red after few dying times.

Then on sunday we got home and flew through Amsterdam.
Dublin from the sky

 When we got to Finland It was so tick mist so you couldn't see anything before just before we got to the ground.

Now I need to move on to the SHOPPING .
I tried to put all my shopping on the bed but  it was too small. I think I bought more than I did in Japan! At least more clothes. I'm a bit shocked when I got home and saw how much I bought. But I bought only cheap things and a lot from Pennys (or primark).

Socks and underwear
All from Pennys

3 from Pennys, some shop and T.K.Maxx

Bags and Shoes
The black bag in the left upper corner is from Dunnes, others are from Pennys.

 from left to right: Pennys, M&S, Next, River Iceland and Dunnes.

All the dresses:

Some better pictures:





River Island. My favourite store from now on!

a Wear If I remember right..

River Island


And then random stuff =)

A west from Pennys
A scarf thing from Pennys

Night wear from Pennys

Knot from Pennys

And the coat. From Pennys AGAIN! 8D

Then few outfits and then I'll run to shower and then go to sleeeeeeeeep. I wanna go to sleeeeeeep ;____;

Plus todays outfit.

But I have to say I'm glad I got home to be hugged by Arttu again <3 
And to get to school was good too. =) We started to do skirts! 8)

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Dolly kirjoitti...

Oh wow, Ireland looks amazingly beautiful! I love all the pictures you took! Looks like you had a good time. I definitely love all the things you bought too~ so many! *_*

Btw, I hope your mom gets the color she wanted, can't believe they dyed it so red!

ベーサ kirjoitti...

Oooh we were in Dublin the same time!! I wish I met you :-)
I also bought a lot from Pennys! ^^

Emmis kirjoitti...

Dolly: Thanks! Yes, Ireland is a very pretty land. I'd like to get to the countryside <3_<3 And yeah, it was a big shock to a 50 year old lady to get that red hair! o_o

ベーサ: Oh, I wish I saw you! I thought that it would have been nice to met some gals from some other country than Finland, from Ireland for example!! =D

Yeah, Pennys is the best! 8DDD

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I think it's River ISLAND, not Iceland :D

Love your blog, u are very beautiful!
And could you make a post about that your other nationality is icelandic?

Have a great fall, gorgeous! <3

Emmis kirjoitti...

Haha woops! I'm so used to write Iceland because of the double nationality thing... n_n'

Aw thanks!!

Oh sure. I could try to tell you something about Iceland =)

You too! :3