sunnuntai 26. syyskuuta 2010


The beginning of this weeks has been so rainy, cold and foggy. Everybody have been complaining about how depressing the weather is. But I don't agree with them. I love rain. It's so lovely to be able to use the super warm scarf my sister made me..! n_n

Yesterday was something totally different. It was 19 degrees outside instead of 5 and the sun was shining. I met Pin and we were like the summer is back! I had to go and take my tights off. =D
So me and Pin went to some shops. I got super hungry we went buying some food and went to the Tuomiokirkko stairs sitting. Senaatintori was full of bears painted like different countries. Sadly we couldn't find Iceland from there tough there were many counties I had never heard of.

Me and Pin sat on the stairs sitting for a long time and I fed the birds paprika slices I didn't want to eat of my sub.

Then we went somewhere behind kamppi and had a little photo shoot. I'll post it later when Pins internet is working and she can send them to me =D

Today I went to the movies with my mom. We went to Kino Omena watching The last Airbender.
We both liked it.
Then mom bought me bedspread and body lotion.

After the movie we went trying the sushi place in Iso omena. It was very good place and I sure will go there again!

Now I'm at home writing here. I should go because Arttu just came and I don't wanna leave him alone.
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Valdís kirjoitti...

MÄKI OON YRITTÄNY ETTIÄ ISLANTI-KARHUA!!!! en tajuu miks sitä ei oo....

Pistä kunnon kuva sun päiväpeitosta!

Lichy kirjoitti...

lovely pics, the weather is exactly the same in here.
And once again, you remind me of Megan Fox on your last photo :)