sunnuntai 8. elokuuta 2010


Today we had a b-day party for my dad and heres the most important thing of all:

It was so hot that I had to wear something easy. =)

When all the guest had got home and we started to tidy up we suddenly noticed that the sky was totally black!
And just like that it started thundering and I was scared that the trees are going to fall!

First it was like this

 I went to do something and then.

I toke videos but I it takes so long time to upload them so maybe tomorrow if I remember =D

I took a video of my room too so I'll post it hopefully tomorrow n_n

7 kommenttia:

Werooh kirjoitti...

oh gott... blackk O__O
Scared... btw sweet dress

Mimisa kirjoitti...

i have to say that you are georgeous, i love your style =D

Emmis kirjoitti...

Yeah it was so black and frist it was so windy but then it wasn't windy at all. BUt then it was soooo windy again!!

Thanks both of you n_n

Lichy kirjoitti...

Oh my, in Estonia, we had such awful thunderstorms, too!
But once again you are looking great and I´ve always thought that from the distance you kind of look like Megan Fox :P

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

aww your dress looks so cute ! x3

dokiri kirjoitti...

That dress is super cute and looks so good on you^^

I heard about the storm in Finland, must've been very scary=S

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thanks =)

Dokiri: No, it wasn't scary at all! I love storms and me and my family just sat on the balcony watching the lightnings <3 =D