tiistai 10. elokuuta 2010

Here's the video of my room. It's my first video I have made for my blog and where I telk English...  My English sucks soooooo bad and you cant even hear what I'm saying and I was very nervous and it feels like everything is wrong but no can do..

See it here!

Okay I think my favorite word is stuff and things.. Only things I said Iin the whole video.. ='D

Heres few thing I forgot when I was doing the video..

There's two big boxes full of fabric under my bed.

Pictures above my bed

My first loli-dress 

Pictures of me and Pin sitting on the Harajuku bridge<3

Yesterday I as so bored! I wasn't in a mood for sewing, being on the computer or watching TV. I tried to call few of my friends but they didn't answer. I had already painted my nails.

They are trying to be leopard and zepra pattern.. =D

  I had nothing to do. I decided to do some makeup just for fun. Then after half hour I had make up on and I thought that I have to go somewhere because I have makeup on. So I went to Entresse, the mall nearby. 
I bought from Lindex underwear for 6 euros all together.

Then finally Isabella answered and I went to Sello to meet her.
We ate subway food and walked around the stores and talked about everything.
I bought these super cool earrings. Orginal price 15 e, now 4 e!

When I got home I tried them on and they were so heavy! Too heavy. I have to do something else with them. 
I have already now few ideas. =)

Then pictures of my outfit.

I had black Converse shoes.

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Cale kirjoitti...

awwr! thanks for your coment! I love your style and I think you and Pin rock! <3 <3 <3

Viola kirjoitti...

Your nails look cute!

If you mix the nailpolish with a little nailpolish-remover it's a lot easier to apply :) (also if you want to make thinner lines you can use those big toothpick thingies ^^)

Samei kirjoitti...


just wanted to let you know i commented on your blog ^^