maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

Gal Me2 and odd things


On saturday I  went o a Gal meetup in Helsinki! There had been one before but I was at my summer cottage. We were about 30 gals hanging around. Sadly I had to go home early but I had great time anyways =)

The outfit

First we met in front of Kampi. Then we went to the purikura place in HKI and we were then about 2-3 hours O_O Well then I had to go. The other girls went getting some food and went to some park dancing parapara 8)

I had to leave early but Its okay because I had great night with Arttu and my mom watching movies and eating candies and stuff in candle lighting n_n

I met Arttu in Pasila and we went home together.

I wanted new looks to Lookbook so I asked him to take some photos

When we got home Arttu wanted to try this spiced mat like this

His back was so red after laying on it for some time

Soma day last week I was pretty bored. So what would I do if not doing makeup and taking odd pictures? =D

And last but not least; two outfits. =)

Two different ways to wear the same skirt!

BTW! Thanks for all the readers of this blog. You are 104 now!!!! 

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Tasja kirjoitti...

love the picture with the kitty! the kitty is fabulous too :3

Sini kirjoitti...

Iha mielettömän coolei noi rockvibaset kuvat!! 8Q Ja meikki varsinkin!

Lichy kirjoitti...

aww, I love your dress :) and those rock-kind of style pictures are really cool, heavy make up suits you well, you look soo gorgeous!

bloomzy kirjoitti...

I love your pictures.

I am looking to add more Western gals to my blog list. So I wondered if you wanted to do a link exchange?

Sandee kirjoitti...

The outfit with the first dress is so beautiful, wow!!
And the hairstyle, accessoires fit so well!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thanks you all!!!

HANA kirjoitti...

I loved your coordinates! You have some really great, fun styles going on and you really transformed your look.

I linked this post on my blog`s Weekly Wrapup!

Hana @ Finding Tokyo

Tommy kirjoitti...

I'm excited everytime I'm seeing pics about this meeting ! Finnish gyaru are definitely an inspiration for all western gyaru =)

Tiie kirjoitti...

Ah toi korkeavyötäröinen hame on ihana ♥

Hei hei mä annoin sulle 'palkinnon'!