sunnuntai 8. elokuuta 2010

Dads B-day and stuff


Yesterday my Dad has birthday and we had a wonderful day in Helsinki. But first few outfits and other stuff ;)

Kaisa <333

I was cleaning my closet where I keep my sewing stuff and I found three of the beautifulest laces I have ever had =)

That reminded me of all my loli clothes that are laying in my closet doind nothing and I had to take them out and get memories of the times I wore loli clothes.

Heres all my dresses and skirts. I have sown by my self all the clothes besides the light red skirt under the blue dress.

Here's all my headbows and my shoes. I've made the bows myself too.

And then my blouses and a bear rucksack.

I'm planning to sell all my clothes but Its so sad because they are so pretty and I made them!! but I get money of it and more space in the closet.. =D

But then yesterday and dads B-day!
Here am I and my outfit on the railway station in Espoo.
We went to the Fazer café in Helsinki. We had a buffet and gosh it was good! Though It was quite expensive 16 e, I suggest everyone to try it sometimes! =))

Then we toke my dad to Helsinki Spa and he got almost two hours whole body massage. While he was relaxing me, mom and Valdis went to some stores.

When my dad was ready we went to Esplanaadi on a picnic.

When we got home I started to take photos of myself.. =D I was waiting for Arttu and had nothing else to do!
AND, I loved my makeup and hair. These pictures are taken after the day so my hair is a bit dead.. =S


Dow I'm thinking what I could wear today when my dad has a party here at home.. 

And its just 3 days holiday anymore and then I have go to the school and WHAT SHOULD I WEAR the first days.... O_O

6 kommenttia:

dokiri kirjoitti...

I LOOOOOVE the first outfit and on your dad's b-day^^

Oh and your hair is so beautiful as well as you cutie;D

Lichy kirjoitti...

ooh, you look soo amazingly cute :) so what are you going to study now?

Werooh kirjoitti...

My're really beautiful... and i love your outfits!

e l l a kirjoitti...

oot tosi nätti ;w; !
ja vaikutat hauskalta tyypiltä :--D

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thank you all so much!

Lichy: I'm going to study clothing indusrty. The school starts after three days now and I am sooo exited 8D

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

miten oot saanu ne tollai ?