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JAPAN Part 1 First days and Kyoto


Today was the LAST DAY at work this summer 8D

Kaiken lisäks pääsin kaks ja puol tuntia aikasemmin kun mulle ei enään ollu töitä 8'D niinku eihän mulla siellä koskaa...

Tomorrow its going to be ME2 with GU (or you know what I mean. GU is always going to be GEU for me...) And then I'm going to Arttus palce for the rest of the week. After that I Am going on monday to go to our summer cottage in Syvänniemi near Kuopio with my parents. Arttu's coming there few days later on wednesday by a train. He's going to be at work the whole summer and he wanted to me at work few days before he takes 1½ weeks holiday.
After Syvänniemi Me and Arttu are coming home and then we'll go to hes summer cottage for an other week =D

But now to the main subject: the trip to JAPAN!

We got home from that wonderful place one week ago and I'm already missing Japan. I wanna thank Pin, my mom and my godmother for the amazing trip. Now one of my biggest dreams came true, and now I have to focus on the next one, to educate myself for being fashiondesigner!

Okay. At first on the satyrday morning the 19th of june we flew to PARIS.

We had 3 hours before we had to be in the airplane which was going to take us to Japan. My mom had a broken leg so we got amazing service. We got past all lines etc. I never thought the airport could have been that BIG. I'm used to the small Helsinki-Vantaa airport and even smaller one in Iceland in Keflavik. We even traveled with a train to get to our terminal!!

The airplane was the biggest i've ever been in! It was so cool! We had our own TVs where we could see numerous movies, listen to music, play games and follow  the air route.

We got delicious food

I was the only one who slept fell in the airplane! I wasn't even tired when we got to Japan.

Pin was so tired. She couldn't sleep at all! =(((

The first night me, Pin and my godmother Raija went to Shibuya. When I sah shibuya 109 I almost started to cry. I had been dreaming of getting to see it for many years and now I really was there!!!!

The next day we went to Harajuku. Me and pin went out own paths and my mom and Raija went their own. Me and Pin found this Purikura place and took purikuras. Them I am going to show you later =))

All the my shoppings, makeup and outfits are going to be in the next post ;))

After we did some shoppings we met Ussa and Raija and we went eating tho this Japanese-Italian place. Italian food in Japanese ways!!

Next day we met Raijas friend Reijo whose husband/partner works and lives in Japan. We went to a very beautiful park. Unfortunately all the pictures are in an other camera and my mom has it now in Sweden so I'm not able to post then here...
But we ate soooo delicious ice-cream!

Then we went to Kyoto with a nightbus. AGAIN I slept better than anyone else. But when we got to Kyoto and went eating something I was soo tired and I had to sleep for a while..

That night I took few pictures from the buss.

While Me and Pin were sleaping at the eating place Raija went looking for our hostel. Then Pin went sleaping to the hostel and I, Raija and ussa went walking around neighbouring area.
okay god damn heres so hot and I have so much to tell... I want to go OUT!
But back to Kyoto.
The next day me and Pin went to the station to shop some CHEAP eyelashes. Then happened something. We got LOST! Though it was in fact a really good thing. We found this mall called Avanti and it had HUGE sales going on! I bought almost all of my clothes from there. I bought only shoes and bags etc in Tokyo.. 
In the 5th(?) floor was among other gal brands Lizlisa and

We went walking in some part of Kyoto and finding some eating place.

We went to some temple area.

There we met these Super cute girls. They wanted to take picture with me and pin. When we were going to take the pictures some Italian guys appeard  and wanted to come to the picture too =D

We chatted with the girls. They were so surprised about our ages and they were so exited about me and Pin being Finns. 'it was cool to  be a place where people knew where Finland is!

More in the next post!!

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Tiie kirjoitti...

Ah mä oon niin kateellinenn~~ ;___; Mutta mutta can't wait että nään asut ja meikit ! :D

Noi kimonoihmiset on nättejä. ♥

Suyin kirjoitti...

wow! the pictures of the graveyard are very cool looking. they're so close together though!
hope you guys had a fantastic time in japan!!