perjantai 9. heinäkuuta 2010

JAPAN Part 2 Back to Tokyo

Okay I have been doing this already for 4 hours so I'm total dead and this is going to be only pics..

From Kyoto to Tokyo we traveled by a train. 

Haha not a wonder that my room is always so messy.. ='D

Me and pin going to Harajuku for Shopping. It was a Sunday so we expected to see lolitas etc on the bridge. We only saw two lolitas and both of them were men. The other looked like I dunno what but the other was fine. I've seen him in many pictures before.

 When we sat and waited for all the Harajuku kids on da bridge turist started to photography us! Like they thought we were THE japanese "weirdos" but we were tourist as well.. =D

MMMMM these were sooooo delicious!
Pin don't understand why people adore these but I do. They just simply are soooo gooood! MMM<3


We went meeting this Milli. She's some Pins friend.
It was nice to meet her. We went to purikura and eating in a italian place.

Then we met Ashley too! She helped me to get extensions. 
She was really nice and we wanted to meet her a second time too.

And omg the Host guys XD

Ashley decorating purikuras =)))

We went to the Meji (?) park next to the Harajuku station

The last day Pin staid at home sleeping and I, Ussa and Raija went to a nearby temple area. After that Me and Raija went to travel around Tokyo and seeing for example Ueno park.

Sushi go round place =))
Okay now I miss sushi SO much!!
DAMN I dont even have money so I cant buy me sushi tomorrow =( I have only 5 euros...

Moottoritiet meni pään päällä

And last but not least
Our lovely Hostel
Khaosan Tokyo Samurai in Asakusa! <3
If you are ever going to japan, go to this Hostel.
 The staff was so friendly and staying there was sooooooo comfortable. 

But now I am spoo tired. I have so much more to tell. Too much. So much that I cant tell it all. So this is all from Japan. I lived the country and I wanna go back!
Though any of us didn't speak Japanese we surviver very well!

Shoppings later!

 Now bye bye or I'm going to die!

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Sanna kirjoitti...

Onko lämmin??

MOCOKO kirjoitti...

that looks so amazing.

LOL @ man lolitas.

i'm so glad you had fun, shibuya [and japan in general] looks like a DREAM.

Sandy kirjoitti...

Woooo 8) hassuu nähä paikkoi kuvissa kun jotenkin näyttää eriltä kuin livenä (tietenkin....) en kyllä ihmettele että teitäkin kuvattiin paljon koska näytitte hyvältä hoho ;--D shoppauspostausta odotellessa ->

Emmis kirjoitti...

Sanna: Oli lämmin. päiväl 30 astetta ja illalla 27, ilma ei liiku ja oli tosi kosteeta. mutta pärjäsin sulaamatta kotiin =D

Mocoko: Yeah, i'm so sad I didn't see more lolitas than I did =(

Sandy: njaah en ny itteni puolesta meins sanomaa.. =D Mut siin shoppailupostaukses sit kestää ku en tuu pääsee koneelle pitkään asikaan

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

emmispemmis shoppauksii kehii<3