torstai 17. kesäkuuta 2010

Few weeks ago we had GU meeting. I wanted to try to have a middle parting. I think it does look okay on me. But it surely will look better when my bangs grow longer.

Yesterday I explored my closet. I wanted to see what I have and what I haven't so I knew what i have to focus to buy in Japan. I took pictures of my clothes =D Theres not all but most of the clothes I use.

If we start with T-shirts and tops

Skirts. I realized I have almost no skirts at all! I need to focus on them in Japan 8)

Tunics and dresses




Hoodies etc.


Few dreses

Three dresses I have made by myself =) It's a bad picture though...

And some random stuff. Blouses, hoodies, a big and loose t-shirt, bolero and a vest.

After Japan I'm going to do this again but this time only my favorite clothes =)

I'm so exited, I'm going these on saturday! Its only two days!! And I have so much money that I could never had imagined that I could have saved that much. YAY!

But now I have to go. I need to wakeup half past six and go to work.. -_-

6 kommenttia:

Rii kirjoitti...

You look adorable!! I love your outfit for the meeting♥

and omg you made those dresses? they look so beautiful!! how did u do that?

MOCOKO kirjoitti...

you girls are so hot!

i hope you have a fabulous time in japan. <3

Sanna kirjoitti...

You look so hot and sexy ! ! !

Loving your clothes ~

S kirjoitti...

Oot kyllä niin uskomattoman kaunis! <:

Emmis kirjoitti...

Rii: Thanks!Well I love making clothes and I am going to study clothing next fall:)

And thanks to all of your comments!

MiraSundari kirjoitti...

Hiya doll!
Can I get a Hawt :D
Love the middle parting btw :P