torstai 12. heinäkuuta 2012

This summer it hasn't happened anything. I was at work for 5 weeks and didn't have time to do anything special.. 

Oh no, yes there was something special and I'm very exited about it! I'm going to LONDON in fall for on-the-job-learning period. I'll be at Minna Hepburns studio. I still have to tell the school I got the place and ask if I can get the stipend but I really hope this will work out. 8 weeks in London would be AMAZING!

Hietsussa Norssien kanss hengailemassa =)

Last weekend me, Truong, his dad and litle sister Hami went to Linnanmäki amusement park.

On Monday my lovely boyfriend went to the ARMY! In the morning we went out eating with his family and then me and him went to Helsinki to meet his friend who went to the army with Truong. When I got home me and Ussa drove to Tampere to meet Valdis, who's boyfriend went to the army too the same day.

Here's some pictures of her new apartment.

While Truong is in the army I'll miss the food he makes for me <3 
Of course that's not the only thing I'll miss, tough. =)

Chicken with cheese stuffing and orange 

Salmon pasta 

Chicken salad 

White chocolate mousse dessert thing with chocolate cookies and strawberries on top <3

And SUSHI! <3 

I'm quite frustrated right now. Somehow it is very hard for me to find any nice clothes. I've been shopping for few times and all that I keep buying is lip glosses. I find a lot of nice clothes at Zara but they never fit...

Well, at least I bought this green dress

and a grey tunic.

The thing is I really need new clothes! I never have anything to wear and I'm all the time wearing the same clothes..
I'm sad because I saw a nice t-shirt with diamonds on the shoulders at Zara few weeks ago, but I didn't have time to buy it then. Now I can't find it anywhere... =(

I hope I'll find a lot of new clothes in London... =)

I got this lip balm from Clinique (under) few years ago with some magazine. I really fell in LOVE with it but the color no. 09 currand has changed and It's not the same anymore.. =(

Instead my mom got me this no.01 Apricot (above) when she was in Sweden. 

I think this lip balm is amazing! The texture is thick but not too sticky and lasts for very long time! =)

Haha I bought too dark hair color by mistake. I was going to buy the darkest brown but bought black instead... Well the color will fade in the summer  anyways.. =)

I also bought this MAC  Pro Longwear concealer, but I think the seller gave me too dark shade or something... She tried it under my eyes and it looked fine and I still think it looks fine under my eyes but somehow it looks too dark on other places on my face.. o_o

I also thought it would have been better so I'm a bit disappointed. After all, I keep hearing how good MAC makeup are.. 

maybe I just don't know how to use it.. 

Last but not least a bunch of outfits =)


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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Tuo on loistavaa peitevoidetta macilta, joskin kannattaa ensin sipaista sitä kohtiin mihin haluaa peittoa, antaa olla hetki ja tasoittaa sitten vasta :)

Emmis kirjoitti...

Joo alan jo tottua siihen ja tosi hyvä ostos oli! Silti tuntuu että se paakkuuntuu tai lähtee 'halkeilemaan' iholla eikä pysy silleen tasaisena, mutta voi olla että kaipaisin vaan parempaa pohjustusvoidetta.. =)