lauantai 2. kesäkuuta 2012

One day I did makeup to Truong. I had never done makeup to an asian face and to a GUY!

Just the base

It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but better next time then! =D

You know.. is there anything better than a boyfriend who likes to cook?! =D

Some morning me and Ussa went to eat breakfast to a beach because it was so amazing weather!! 
Summer is here! <3

Last weekend I was selling on this flea market in Nosturi. I didn't only sell but I also bought few things.

I saw this petrol/black shirt. I just could not walk away without buying it!

I also found this dress with low back

Bakc home I tried some outfits using these clothes I bought

Heres some outfits from the past weeks

Yesterday was the last days at school and today we went to few graduation parties.

Here's the colors of my wardrobe


Dresses and tunics 

more shirts and dresses 

under wear 



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Meri and Anni kirjoitti...

Vitsi sul on iha sika kivoi vaatteita! *o*
Ja tykkäilen sun tyylistäs :)


Emmis kirjoitti...

Kiitos Anni!! =)