maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

Outfits and stuff.


Here are a lot of outfits and random stuff that I haven't posted about.... =)

I bought this ring sometime ago. I really love snake accessory

Valdis bought these trousers, and I love them too! It's so wieird that we love same piece of clothing, because we have totally different styles. I use black and white, blues and greys and other cold colors but she loves oranges and yellows and has more closer to earth style.

I had to try some different looks with the trousers.

I tried all my waistcoats just so see how big difference they make to the same outfit.

Then outfits

I look terrible here ='D

The first day at school

some makeup

I tried again these bras my sister bought me from Ireland that make your boobs two sizes bigger.
Though my boobs aren't even that big when I wear them, quite normal I think, still its so weird, because I'm so used to have superrrr tiny boobs. I think I'll never wear them outside of my room. Maybe normal sized boobs aren't my thing?

with the bra

with normal bra

I found this Finnish website that sells makeup. I tried it, to make sure it's reliable. Maybe some day I'll order the not shimmery version of the 88 ultra shimmery palette I've got=D

And the lipstick is supposed to be nude? =D

Last weekend Valdis came home for few days. We went to a island outside of Espoo for a picnic

Then todays outfit. It's raining outside and fall is coming so I wanted to wear this super soft knit.

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Crista kirjoitti...

Oot niin kaunis ja sulla on todella kuvaukselliset kasvot :)!
ja minä tahdon tollaset rintsikat, terveisin nainen miehen kropassa -91!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Kiitos Crista! =) Mulla olis yhet myynnissä ;)

Crista kirjoitti...

U r welcome :)! Ja ohlalaa~! Jos semihalvalla lähtee ja jos vaikka sattuis olee sopivaa kokoo niin voisin jopa ostaa :D!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Ne on kokoo 75A, ja hinta oli 7 e, ja ne on käyttämättömät ni olisko se sama 7 e paha? =)

Crista kirjoitti...

Yhyy valitettavasti vähän liian pienet :'(! Voihan kikkare, olis kyllä aivan mahtihinnalla lähtenyt mutta ei kai sitten voi mitään ='( Noh, kyllä varmaan joku muu ne sulta vielä ostaa :') Voihan nenä ny oikeesti >.<

Emmis kirjoitti...

Harmi =(

Mut hei, sullako muka poikavartalo ku noi on mulle isot, ja jos ne kerran on sulle pienet! =)

Mut toisaalta mul on yleensäaina A kuppi, ni noi on varmaa oikeesti B kupin kokoset, tai ainaki iso A =D