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Finnish catwalk 26.8.2011

On Friday I was a dresser in Finnish Catwalk in Helsinki

 I think it's amazing to get this opportunity to explore fashion industry and see backstage and how fashion shows are arranged and to be doing a fashion show. Though most people forget that we, dressers exist, but without us there would me no-one to take care of the clothes and helping the models in between the shifts on the show.

I think its so cool when there are this much clothes in same place. I can imagine what it's like on the backstage when there are bigger brands in the show and the clothes are maybe a bit more... high fashion. =)

a bit too big?

I loved these Katri N headdresses. Her clothes were amazing too.

I really loved this skirt.

This is one of Katris dresses.

Here's Iina and Rosita =)

And one of my models, Daniela. 

I always call the models I dress as "my model". Somehow when you see her on the stage you are so proud like a parent of a child in a football match.

This is another model I helped. I don't remember her name because I heard that her name wasn't Minna after all the shows... She had replaced some other model and they hadn't changed the name on the papers we got.. =)
This is also Katris dress.

This bird had a beautiful colored dress =)

We went too many times eating hamburgers. I went first to Hesburger and then to McDonalds on the same day!! And my friends went on the next day too. I didn't want to eat anything there. Two times in a weekend is enough for me.

Here's some of the male models =)

This is Hannele, the third model i dressed. She was very nice and helped me a lot so I didn't have to do all by myself =)

There were 4 shows at daytime for everyone and two in the evening for the vip quests and one outside.

This is the model I dressed earlier this year. Her name is Anne.

Woops, whats happening here ='D

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