sunnuntai 13. helmikuuta 2011

Tan for summer?

I was watching the newest gal spams on gal_style and it was a bit creepy to notice that I didn't find anything special in the spring spam but in the av gyaru spam there were... o______o' 

Okay they were pretty casual so I'm not that worried about I liked more the av gal spam more....='D
I like the sexy overknee goth latex boots with super casual hoodie!
I love mixing opposites. 

I totally could wear every one of these outfits. In the other spams there weren't almost anything I could wear. I think gals (especially western gals) often try to hard. they have too much EVERYTHING in their outfit! I like pretty simple outfits because then you know what to look at.

 I love her. Dark hair and tan(+leopard) = <3  
I'd like to get tan like that and look good in leopard pattern. I'm too pale for leopard or something... 

I'm just pretty scared of going to tanning salons... I don't want to regret later if I get skin cancer! But there aren't that much sun in Finland so maybe I could go to tanning salons 'coz I cant get tan like that naturally when being here in Finland. I cant get too much sun here so some extra in tanning salons wouldn't be bad?? Hmm, I just dont know should I go or not.
 Self-tanning lotions make me just orange. But I really want the tan!

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Hachi kirjoitti...

That last girl is hot, love her hair! I've never been to a tanning salon either because I'm too scared~ but I wanna be tan this summer too! x3