maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011


Last weekend me and my mom went to Þorrablót. I don't know how to describe it to you so I went to Wikipedia..='D "Þorrablót is an Icelandic midwinter festival that takes place in the month of Þorri, according to the Old Icelandic Calendar, which starts in late January and ends in late February. " 

It was my first time I went there. It was nice to go there, though my mom said ti was the most boring Þorrablót she had ever gone to. She said that it has become too Finnish; no singing and dancing like it used to be. Icelanders love to dance and sing. There was very bad food for example halfes of sheeps heads with eyes and all still on their place and rams testicles.

Testicles in the middle. Who want some??

smoked lamb <33

Dred fish <3

People don't really eat this like everyday anymore but vikings used to. This festival is an old tradition from the times Vikings lived in Iceland.
Thank god there were potatoes, dried fish and other stuff I do eat and for dessert there were pancakes with jam and whipped cream.

My mom asked me to find some clothes for her. I didn't take picture of the whole outfit but here she is:

And here am I:

The blazer: the fleamarket Kanuuna
The jumpsuit: H&M
Shoes: Pennys, Ireland
Cluth bag: Japan
Necklace: Ireland
Bullet belt: Morocco

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