sunnuntai 6. helmikuuta 2011

Step up


Today I watched the movie called Step Up

I liked it a lot. I love dancing movies. I love see when people are dancing. I used to take dance classes but it wasn't my thing. I wanted to learn hip hop but there wasn't places left so I went on some "dance" course. No, I don't dance anything else than Para para and i don't dance it well anymore. I never dance. I have never time. And its not fun alone... I could go on lessons that Finnparanoids have, but its not that nice to dance dances you don't like that much... And I don't feel up to go there because its so far away. I cant wait for the summer 'coz maybe then well dance with Pin and the other gals.

Quite in the beginning of the movie one of the best songs ever started to play and i started almost to cry.

Its in the beginning of Sex and The City and gosh it feels so good to hear it every time! I get this feeling that everything's possible. That life's perfect!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Mäki tykkään hirrrrveesti kattoo leffoja joissa ihmiset tanssii (just step upit, dirty dancing jne.) mut ei musta itestäni siihen koskaan oo~ :---DD___: