perjantai 4. helmikuuta 2011

Playing with guns and getting some inspiration!


Valdis told me about a website where you can do.. like... collages. You can choose a dress, shoes, a bag etc and make your own outfits and so on =D I'll be going to post them here too so thats why there are some random pics with clothes and no text.... =)

 On wednesday I got to try something new. Something I've wanted to try for a long time! We went shooting with guns with our P.E. tracher 8)

 The readhead is Anni. I love the hair! PW used to have hair like that 8)

It was so cool! The guns were soo heavy! I don't understand how soldiers can carry such heavy things. Like they have the gun (or few..), bulletproof vest and other things that are so heavy and then they fight out there for their lifes... Its just crazy.

Valdis asked me to make a dress for her, so I started to find some inspiration. She mentioned the prairie so thats what I'm going for.

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Valdís kirjoitti...

ei vitsi oon kade!!!! oon ihan sikakauan halunnu kokeilla ammuntaa!!!! joku joskus kerto sellasest urheilulajist ku 5 ottelu johon kuuluu miekkailu, ammunta ja ratsastus mikä olis ihan supersiistii melkeen täydellistä mut siihen kuuluu kans uinti ja juoksu :( damn siihen kaatu mun innostus

oon joutunu juoksee poliisin luotiliivi pääl ja se on ihan törkeen painava! okei se poliisimies oli aika iso ja sillee mut silti! en kas tajuu miten ne jaksaa kantaa kaiken ton tavaran...

noi sun kollaasijutut on kivoi :) näytinkö sulle niit harry potter hahmo vaatteita? ne on ihan sikahienoi :D

VALENTINE † kirjoitti...

I love the shooting range XD When we go to Vegas, their gun laws are less stringent, so we go shooting out in the open plain in the desert. I agree though *o* so heavy.... Awesome photos <3