perjantai 17. syyskuuta 2010

Random post with many random little things

Aika rientää..

I'm posting now few things i should have poster many weeks ago.. And some new pretty random stuff....  ='D

Long ago I met pin and here's my look

In the end of August me and Arttu had been together for a year so we celebrated it by going to movies, Suomenlinna and of course we went eating in a restaurant!

My look that night we went to the movies.

The same weekend the divorcing thing happened I went to the movies with Pin and heres my look

And here's my look for grandfathers funeral

Now when my dads got hes own apartment me and mom are renovating and decorate our old apartment. WE want to get rid of the sofa and many other things. The theme will be romantic!
Now everything's up and down everywhere.
In my room:

My sisters room:

And my moms room:

At least our balcony looks good!!

We bought all the fabrics in Ikea and I sewed them to be pillows etc. n_n

Because dad took our clock from the hallway we bought a new one!

The autumn is here and I love the rainy weather and red leaves in the trees! <3

Today I had my camera with me at school and heres few pictures from there =)

My table and sewing machine

And me today!

Sorry for the messy upade. I had so many little things I wanted to sow you =)

Meinaan täs kohta tehä myyntipostauksen ku haluun päästä joistain kengistä ja vaatteista eroon! =)

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Valdís kirjoitti...

MY ROOOM!!!!! :"""""""""( looks awful! parempi olla siisti sit ku tuun!!! ;D

Emmis kirjoitti...

Me yritetään! =D

Sanna kirjoitti...

Siis ihan toi sun työpöytäalue! Näyttää niin kotoisalta xD haluan kans päästä käyttämään kunnon ompeluvehkeitä <3

anni kirjoitti...

Löysinpähän tän sun blogin ! Näyttää kivalle ;)