sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 2010



I'm back from SWEDEN!

I have spent a wonderful week in Mölndal. Its a city next to Gothenburg in Sweden. I went there with 6 student from my school and two teachers. I saw few old friend and met many new too! I miss them already! ;(

I took a lot of pictures with the schools camera becayse its better than mine, so I'll write about that trip later when I get the pictures. It's going to be the longest picture post EVER!

Okay, so, one week ago we celebrated Vappu. I don't even know why it exists. Its a very unnecessary festive. Its like official drinking party. But well, I had a good day.

At school we didn't have a regular school day. We had different workshops. I was doind face painting to the younger kids. It was meaning that everyone should wear some costumes but almost none did that. Everyone's so boring. Only me and Inka and many teachers wore costumes. I almost overslept so I hadn't time to do anything special. Thats why I hag my KIGURUMI.

Inka was a fairy pricness.

Then we had a disco. Woohoo party party!
Oooh no. No one's dancing. "I'll come if someone comes" Well, then someone comes and "Well I want there to be more people dancing. Then I'll come too!"
If everyone who said that would have come then there would have been a lot of kids dancing! ARGH!
But no one's coming if no'one comes to the dance floor!

Inka took a video.

After the school day Arttu came to my place. 

Then we started to make fooooood! 

My food.

Mom and dad eating.

Dad and hes graduation cap.

Ylioppilas Kinuski!

And then we went crazy lol

And btw thats me screaming ='''D

Then later in the evening my sis went partying and I did her hair!

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Anette Catharina Isabell kirjoitti...

Katos :D oon seurannu sun blogia jo jonkun aikaa, ja katellu kuinka nätti oot etc :D ja huomasin nyt et sun äiti oli mun opettaja joskus parisen vuotta sitten :) Puhutko ruotsia kans?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

ihanaaaa leijonat ihanaa fairy fädäri inka :DD:Dd