maanantai 12. huhtikuuta 2010

Yes, this is water.... Like a deep sea..... -__- Thank god it isn't there anymore.


This is called SPRING. 

 Now the spring is coming, or rather it's HERE NOW and then comes the SUMMER. In honor of the coming summer me and my sis made delicious drinks.

There's banana, orange, pineapple and orange juice. Mmmmmm yummyyy! :3

Today I was going to go to Sello with my sis to look for a B-day present for my love, but the weather stopped us. I wanted to come to our balcony and write here. The last time was long ago and I have a lot of telling you =)
Its almost 15 degrees outside in the sun!;3

Mmm my fooooddd!

And YAY! I finally bought fabric for my evening gown for the spring festivities at school. Now I have to start sewing but I'm afraid that I'm going to screw it up. Hope not!

Last Saturday I saw GU or the rest of them. There are only 6 left but soon there will be zero. Too many girls have quit because they don't feel gyaru anymore. And the problem is that we are too good friends to stop hanging around together.. So we are going to start just a friend group and do nice things together with the old members of GU and new friends.

So, on Saturday Arttu had school, his mom had some schooling, dad and little sister went somewhere so I was alone in the house for few hours. It was quite nice but I had all the time to watch their cats. All the time doing something naughtyness.

Yhes vaihees rupesin laulaa ihan kybäl ja tietenki tosi huonosti. Sit ku hiljenin hetkeks huomasin et artun huoneen ikkuna oli auki ja naapurit pihalla. Ja ne varmasti kuuli mun ihanan laulannan ='D LOL!

 And then I left to HKI. It was sun and the birds were singing and I felt so happy that I could have cry!

 I haven't many pictures yet but they're coming as soon as I get them from Pin.
But it was the best me2 for a very long time. Sun was shining and it was quite warm so we sat OUTSIDE! First I met Pin, then Ymi, Elina and Isa joined us. We went sitting on the stairs outside of Tuomiokirkko and there we decided the destiny of GU.

Isa ei oo tyytyväinen =(

Pinja ihmettelee aurinkoa =D

Then Elina and Yumi left and Me, Pin and Isa went eating and after that seeing Eva who was at work. We had a great photoshoot and we got free HOT CHOCOLATE and SHIPS! Thanks Eva <3

Okay, pics later and heres my look of that me2 day:


One day I was washing my hair. So heres's all my extensions:

The shorter ones I bought in November 2008 and they're from Dreamhair. They are 45 cm long.
The longer ones I bought last summer -09 from Hairtrade and they are 60 cm.

And more hair, My lashes:

Most of them are from Seppälä. I love the third ones. I bought them for Acon last year and I'm still using them O_O but they are in a bit bad shape so I should buy a new pair but I don't wanna spend my money. I don't even have any.. ;_; 

Now I have a question for you my dear readers:
What do you wanna read and see? Is there something you wanna know about me? Should I do a tutorial? Do you wanna see my room, my wardrobe or my cats? ANYTHING!
I wanna do my blog more interesting and I'm hoping to get more time for posting when all the school proofs are over.

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cookie_carousel kirjoitti...

Ihana tuo sun asu. :)

Emmis kirjoitti...

Kiitti ^w^

Helka kirjoitti...

No sulla on usein tosi kivasti hiukset (tässäkin!), niin joku hiustuto vois olla kiva. :3

Aija kirjoitti...

tuntuu kummalle ku kirjotit et "lopetatte" G*U n... oisin niiiiin halunnu liittyy siihen~! siis sit ku oisin tarpeeks gyaru.

Rii kirjoitti...

I love your blog and your style! Keep on posting pics from your outfits, hair and make pls :) they're such a good inspiration :3

Yeah, finally spring, also here in Germany :3

Emmis kirjoitti...

Helka: Kiitos!! Pitääpä tehdä kunhan saan hiukset taas kuntoon, kun pääsen ensi viikolla (?) taas värjäilemään.. =))

Aija: joo, mustakin tuntu tosi oudolta, mut toisaalta lopettaa on ehkä väärä sana. me vaan muutetaan se vapaamuotoisemmaks kaveriyhteisöks ja sit siel voi olla kans ne meijän hyvät kaverit jotka ei vältsisti oo enää tai ollukkaa gyaruita =)

Rii: Thanks <3 And of course I will to that in the future too 8) I just want to do something new =D

Yeah, spring! I LOVE IT!

About me Aweedee :) kirjoitti...

Waah you look so damn cool! :D Love your style!! Totally do!

Wah so green eyes~ your kitty is kawaiicho'!


Sanna kirjoitti...

en ikin pääse siitä yli että oot niiiiiiiin nätti <3

Emmis kirjoitti...