torstai 22. huhtikuuta 2010


Sorry for not being posting... I had already two proofs and one presentation this week and I should be reading for tomorrows proof now but I wanna post here first =)

The view from my window looks right now like this

It's raining! Well.. Better than snowing tough it DID snow today......
 Something like this would be better

Yesterday I dyed my hair. because it looked quite terrible...

NOW its like this:

Gosssh I look terrible... I'm so tired and a bit sick. I have had throat ache for three days x(


Last weekend my dear Arttu had B-day and I baked a cake for him :3

He has a lizard and because I love taking photos heres a tiny photoshoot of him/her.
Say hello to Norbert!

Random =D

One day I bought these tights. They are so cool! I like them so much <3

Some makeup

And YAY I bought a new toothbrush! Isn't it cute? ^w^

Okay now I really need to go reading for that stupid proof so I'm going now! BYE!

3 kommenttia:

linni kirjoitti...

Hullun söpö hamppiharja! ;w;
Ja näytät tosi suloiselta ilman meikkiäkin ♥

rumie kirjoitti...

mulla on sama hammasharja ! tosin se on viel pakkaukses odottamas et toi vanha tulee huonoks

Emmis kirjoitti...

Linni: Joo se oli mustaki ihan hirmu söpö 83 edellinen oli sininen ja seeprakuvioinen ja sekin oli ihana
Kiitos!! =))

Rumie: =D no ei ihme toi onki kiva =)