torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

Back home for Christmas

Hiyaaa, I'm back in Finland. Just in time or Christmas =)

On the week we went to prepare the cottage for the Holidays.

We took the cats with us. They were so exited and they run up and down the stairs all the time.

On Thursday morning I made this makeup for Minka. Se was acting in a school play.. =)

Later I went to school to finish some stuff and in the evening me and Valdís went eating with our dad.

Here's the outfit for the day.
Top Dorothy Perkins and belt Topshop.

On Friday we went to Tallin

It was so cold that we weren't outside or too long.

Back at the boat we went to eat in the Christmas buffet. 

We don't really like the Finnish Christmas food, so we ate mainly the cold dishes.

Back home. Saturday I spent at Truong's place and on Sunday me, Truong, Valdís and her boyfriend Mikko went to the cottage to decorate the Christmas tree.


All the gifts are under the Christmas tree

Ussa was sick so me, Valdis and Truong made the food. Smoked lamb, potatoes fried in sugar and beans.


After the looovely dinner we put a lots of candy on the table and started to open some presents.

The next morning Truong had to go back to the army..

Me, Valdís and Ussa spent few days at the cottage doing nothing else than eating, playing and opening presents.

One night me and Valdís got fed up with sitting inside doing nothing so we went outside for a walk.

Yesterday we came back home. Home sweet home =)

My presents yay! =)

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