keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

Birthday and fashionshow

Last Thursday I had 18-years birthday. Usually my family wakes me up by bringing breakfast in bed and singing. This b-day I was alone at home, so my mom had hidden a tray with some breakfast under my bed. She sent me a sms in the morning and asked me to check under my bed. As I pulled the tray I noticed there was a string tied on it. I pulled the string and there were three gifts in a row. And for the singing she had put a  music box on the trey that played the Happy b-day song.

I laughed so much to this fantastic surprise. It was totally okay to be alone 'cause really I wasn't alone at all!

After school I went to Sello with mom and we went eating Sushi. Later that night Truong came home and we borrowed a movie and relaxed at home by the TV eating food from my new rice cups.

On Friday night I went to a party Rosita and Karja were having. It was fun! The rest of the people went to the bar but I went home because I had to be fresh the next day.

The next day, on saturday, I woke up early and went to school for makeup. At 12 o'clock I was modeling in a fashion show at school.

I'll put more pictures from there when I get them! =)

Saturday night my friends came over and we had a little party and afterwards we went to Tivoli. 
First time in a bar ever =)

On Sunday relatives and other family friends came over. I haven't got any pictures from there. Thanks to all the people that remembered me on my birhtday <3>
And thanks for all the lovely presents I got!

My lovely aunt had found an awesome idea. She gave me eighteen 5 pound notes and had written a meaning to every one of them =))

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That is such a cool idea!! I like it!