tiistai 6. maaliskuuta 2012

One day me and Ussa went to this flea market and I saw these cups and I fell in love with them. At first I thought they cost 2 e per cup and saucer, but I decided to buy all the 12 cups anyways.
When I was paying, the lady said that all the 12 cups were only 2 e together!
I was so suprised and happy =) 

Brown smokey eye with pink lips  

This skirt I made last year at school =)

On Friday I made Minkas party makeup as usual
She had a picture of a makeup she wanted and I tried to do as similar makeup as possible.

On Saturday I went to Hanasaari to do face painting to kids with few other Icelandic girls =) 
We do this every year.

It was so perfect weather that day!

After few hours at Hanasaari I went to Töölön Kisahalli to work out with Truong. 
He has done Taekwondo for 6 years and at the end of the workout he started to teach me how to kick right.
I'm so crazy about working out right now. I go to gym all the time and I'm so exited about Taekwondo. 
I just hope this lasts for a bit longer time...

Looong time ago I made this bag.. I finally took pictures of it.

I'm pretty exited about the jacket I'm doing at school. I'll talk about it more when it's done!

Yesterday I got some old makeup that a friend of mine don't use anymore. I'm so glad I got the waterproof mascara and the lipsticks and glosses are so pretty and the eye shadows amazing too! It's smokey purple, I love it! <3

Bad picture but here I used the eye shadow and the lipstick, second from right in the upper picture.

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beautiful make-up and I love your grey skirt - so chic!
please visit me in free time:)