lauantai 24. maaliskuuta 2012

Field trip to Tallinn

Here's the shoes I bought in Tampere. I love them! <3
They give a bit color into my black wardrobe.

On Tuesday we went to Tallinn with my class. 
We visited some fabric stores, went shopping and had great time together.

I love all the beautiful doors <3

I bought light grey chiffon for a maxi dress, lining for the dress, white cotton fabric for a shirt, leatherette for details for a jacket, candy and a knit.

My class =)

On the ship back home we had a little photo shoot with Meiju =)

This is the jacket I've been making at school =)
I made it to Sanna. I designed, she choose the fabric and I sewed it.
 I would have chosen a white wool fabric though.

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