perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2012

the rehearsal makeup: 

Trip to Tallin:

Me and Ussa went to Tallin to shop some fabric.
Here we are eating in a African restaurant that I love

Hummus and bread

At school

We got this old chair from our aunt and we painted it silver and put on it a new fabric.

The old color was orange and not very pretty

Here it is! I think its very beautiful

I had two of these Ikea boxes and I painted them with some old paint we found at home.

The other is turquoise and the other is grey

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Fashion Cappuccino kirjoitti...

Beautiful pictures! Those gowns are stunning and I love the makeup! xoxoxo

Fashion Cappuccino kirjoitti...

Those gowns are so gorgeous!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Thank you!! <3

Heidi kirjoitti...

olet tosi kaunis!! :O

xx Heidi

Emmis kirjoitti...

Kiitos Heidi =)