sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2012


Here's Anni. She's on the same class with me. =)

She has an AMAZING tattoo <3

I ordered two lip color palettes and some eyelashes =)

I love these so much! The shades are amazing, but I don't think they moisturize enough..

On friday me, Minka and Merve styled a guy of their school. It was very fun!  =)

Some inspiration 

Out victim was Valtteri and here's his own style.

We just walked around in the store and tried to find anything cool for him to try on.

He really HATED these shorts so we made him to wear them.

I tried to find some outfit that he'd like to wear, but he was too stuck with his old style so he didn't like any of the outfits I found out.

The last outfit was the best in my opinion.
I personally LOVE black skinny jeans and plaid shirts <3
And tattoos....mmm...

When the others had gone home me and Minka staid at the stores.
 I bought this t-shirt.
Its a bit big because it's mens t-shirt but I like it anyways
I love the color! <3 It's the reason I bought it!

Then I bought this dress from Zara

And these trousers.
I saw them a long time ago but I didn't buy them. Sins then I've tried to find them again so I could buy them and now I got them in the sales for 15 e! =D YAY! <3

Fridays outfit

Yesterdays outfit

Todays hot hot hot sexy outfit =D

Today I went out with my mom to slide in the snow piles.
Quite sexy, you think?
And with NO makeup ;)

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