sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011

B-day, outfits and stuff.

Hi guys!

There has been happening a lot these days I haven't been posting. My mom came home from the hospital and she's feeling well. Next Wednesday Ussa will meet the doctor and they'll talk about the treatments she have to go to.

The day Ussa came home, I made her a surprise. I made food and the day before I had cleaned up in out apartment.

Last weekend me, Ussa and Valdis met in Turku. There was this Icelandic band Hjálmar having a gig.

In the evening Nordic countries ambassadors had a party we went to.
 Later me and Valdis went to see Hjálmar.

I styled Valdis' hair.

On Tuesday I had birthday.
I had parapara presentation at school and I spoiled it by making it too long.
I just was so exited about it! =D

Here are my b-day presents!

I also got facial, the Costal Scents order, teeth whitening treatment, money, and this bowl from Ikea.
On Thursday I went shopping a little.

Yesterday I went bowling with Arttu and Minka. I asked 7 people (+ Arttu) to celebrate my B-day with me by bowling and  just one came. I know most of the people had good reasons why they didn't manage to came, but I still am a bit sad that nobody came. But I had good time with Arttu and Minka

After bowling I bought tThe Tourist DVD. Then we went home made tortillas and watched movies.

Minka was in London few weeks ago and she brought me some magazines and this awesome necklace!
 I LOVE it! <3

Later the Saturday night minka had to go to some other party, so I curled her hair and made her makeup.
We started to do the makeup at the last moment so I had only 10-15 minutes to do it..

Today my few relatives came to celebrate my b-day.

Then heres some outfits and makeups:

This is the papapara show outfit. I took the pics when I got home and it had been raining all day so my hair doesn't look as good as it looked earlier..

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