torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2011

On the beach and in Tallin

Last week was my last holiday week. On the monday I went on an day trip to Tallin with my cousin Taina and her boyfriend Juha. I didn't have my camera, but heres my shopping.

Oh shit, I forgot to take a picture of one t-shirt I bought and I'm not doing it now. So you'll just have to see it some other time! =)

Then later on the week the weather got so good so I went to the lake Oittaa with Minka.

And some day I went shopping with her

And heres my yesterdays outfit

And now I go to sleep bye!

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Taina kirjoitti...

Kiitos vielä matkaseurasta ;) Nähdään taas! Ja laitoin Facebookiin parhaan videon sieltä risteilyltä, karaoke taustalla on paras :D