sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

Marimekko fashion show and a new epillator


On Thursday I bought a new epillator. It was a bit expensive but it really was worthy it. I've tried it only once but I'm in heaven! It actually pulls of the hair! And oh my god my armpits are SMOOTH! WHOW! 

In the evening I went to Arttus place. They got a new cat in the beginning of the week to replace the old one that died.

Her name is Milli and she is sooo CUTE!

On Friday I went to Helsinki to meet Pin because I didn't have school.
There were some Marimekkos 60 year birthday show or something =) 

When I got home I asked Arttu to take some photos of my outfit.

Today I went to meet Pin at Valtteri flea market. She was selling there.

I wasn't going to buy much but still I got these things =D

Shorts for 1 e

a strapless top for 50 cents

Shoes for 1 e

I looked for a hat like this ythe whole winter and I almost bought one for 20 e. Now I have one for 1 e =D
t-shirt 1 e

fabric patch for free

1,5 e

0 e

2 e if i remember right =)
I really like this dress, but i just have to shorten the straps a bit.

5 kommenttia:

Monica Tang kirjoitti...

so many nice buys! LUCKY YOU that got it in so nice price.

and btw, i gree with epilator. it is a good buy, and totally worth it!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

The little kids in the fashion show are so cute! + kittiesss <3

Sanna kirjoitti...

Ihania kissoja!! Toi yks kuva missä oot sä ja kissa kattoo kameraan on oikea mallikuva kummastakin!

Munki pitäis hankkia uusi epilaattori, vois kyllä hankkia toi sama jos on ollu hyvä! Mun nykynen on niiiiin perseestä!

Emmis kirjoitti...

Sanna: joo toi epilaattori on ollu tähän asti ainaki hyvä =) en oo kokeillu sitä ku kaks kertaa put se on kuitenki paljon parempi ku se mun edellinen=)

Valdís kirjoitti...

omg toi kissi on niin söpö! <3_<3