tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

River Island inspiration


I was checking out River Island online shopping site.

Here's my favourite colors in clothing right now:

And then of course black.

The I found few things I like

I LOVE these but I'm sure I couldn't walk in them...

I really want more blazers and jackets! 
I only have one a bit too big black blazer and few random jackets that I never use..

I LOVE this color and it's very playful. It would give a bit cute look to outfits.

I totally am going to sew a dress like this sometimes..

I like this dress a LOT! I'm doing a dress for Valdis that is a bit like this. Now when I have patterns for it I could sew a dress like this to myself..

Though I prefer silver accessories I really like these.

No I have to go to the gym BYE!

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